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How to Choose Between Business Intelligence and Analytics

How to Choose Between Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics play a crucial role when it comes to Data Management. Either of them provide a good platform as far as taking better decisions matter you the most. It all depends upon the aspect of how better the data is used and what are the practices involved. However, there is a confusion among users when to use BI and Analytics. In fact, there is a rising demand for the inclusion of data analytics along with the reports for more accurate insights. For this reason, some organizations employ dedicated teams for managing huge volumes of data in a customized fashion.

Better Decision Making Capabilities with Business Intelligence (BI)

By employing BI for decisions at a strategic level, it is possible to reach long-term goals without affecting business continuity. There is a lot more to BI technology stack than what it appears to be. For instance, the availability of dashboards will enable analysts in obtaining key information in the form of charts. The possibility of getting location-centric results depending upon the data dealt with too will prove to be a blessing in disguise for niche businesses. Customized reports, on the other hand, enable managers in taking crucial decisions that will help them in scripting a success story.

The major segments BI tools deal with are Finance, Marketing and Operations. The overall focus is upon empowering organizations with enhanced sales and increased productivity. A clear differentiation could be made easily among all the related entities. Emerging firms see it as a great opportunity as far as implementing such tools in their key operations. As long as you are well acquainted with the features of a specific BI software, there should not be any complexities you might have to face. The emergence of software such as Qlik, Tableau, Cognos, and Pentaho reflects the importance of modern-day managers give to BI.

Diverse Visualization and Deeper Insights with Analytics

Numerous analytical tools are now available in the market ensuring that the exact results are obtained to a maximum extent. The manner in which Analytics; be it Data or Business, differs from BI makes a huge impact. However, the difference becomes clear when the exact for analytics has been understood. The data is broken into multiple parts with dedicated focus upon the internal elements. Later, the information is represented accordingly in order to derive situation-specific results as part of making the existing processes even more effective.

Managers are already aware of the vitality of analytics as their future requirements are driven by such inputs. The biggest and classic example in this regard is Google Analytics. In fact, it is capable of determining the future prospects of any organization to a greater extent. The output generated in terms of crucial business meet-ups such as the highlights of a recent conference in Canada prove to be a major game changer for your business.

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