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Software Engineer

Develop architecture, software design and code for scalable backend services optimize code for optimal performance. Configuring the application configuration using Chef.

Responsible for the day to day operation of systems and infrastructure powering our development and the operations teams: ensuring system reliability, efficiency, capacity and continuity.

Work with developers and release management to design and implement Jenkins and GoCD delivery pipelines. Evolve components of the delivery pipeline, software deployment approaches and code management strategies. Write automation code and tests, review code developed by others and provide constructive feedback: collaborate (swarm, pair) on complex requirements. Identify, evaluate and evangelize new technology and approaches.

Work with the team on complex, multifaceted problems while bridging cultural, geographic and organizational gaps.

Audit all the Jenkins jobs logs for future references. Configuring the ELK for monitoring and alerting in Openshift.

Work with kubernetes and docker, for creating docker images. Work with creation of templates in kubernetes for docker deployments. Enabling scheduled jobs using kubernetes scheduled jobs for creating cronjobs

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